How long has Rift Pay been around?

Rift Pay was started in July 2019. Development actually started in August 2019.

Privacy & Security

How are you handling our data?

Rift Pay will keep very little personal information on its own servers for your personal Rift Accounts. The personal info our platform needs for KYC (“Know Your Customer”) will be handled by SynapseFi and VGS.

How private is my data you are storing?

Your data is secured and private from the moment you enter it through your device! It is fully encrypted in our database through Google’s encryption technology. This means that the only place where your data is shown unencrypted is on your own device when you have been securely logged in!


Do I need an account minimum to use Rift Pay?

There is no account minimum needed in any Rift Pay account.

What type of banking accounts are Rift Pay accounts?

All Rift Pay accounts are checking accounts! This means you will be provided with routing and account numbers to send and receive money on and off the platform!